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  21 century abroad logistics new trend
Time 2009-11-19   Count: 7558

Europe and the United States is the business more flourishing region in the world, at logistics industry development the aspect walk at world of most front follow.Receive benefit at a set of perfect management and legal system management of the logistics market system, its logistics market be complex, again very active.The development of logistics in Japan industry has already had longer history and reside to lead level in the world.Especially Japan government in recent years for strongly supporting what the development of logistics industry adopt some macro view policy direction, give Japan the logistics industry bring fast growth of practice experience, to our country have extremely beneficial of apocalypse.

1, profession logistics with together go together with to send formation scale
Abroad profession logistics business enterprise is chaperonage manufactory management mindset of change emerge with the tide of the times.Because manufacturer for cater to day by day consumer is fine to turn, characteristic product need, but adopt a diverse and a little amount mode of production, as a result go together with of Gao Pin2 Du4, small batch quantity send a need also immediately creation.Currently, flourishing nation and region in the economies such as the United States, Japan and Europe etc., profession logistics service already formation scale.
Together going together with to send is through long-term of development and investigate excellent turn of a kind of pursue rationalization to go together with to send of go together with and send form, is also the United States, Japan etc. some flourishing nation adoption more extensive, influence the noodles be a kind of bigger forerunner of logistics way, it to exaltation logistics efficiency, lower logistics cost to have importance meaning.

2, material technique and management level high speed development
Currently flourishing nation already formation take information technique as core, with information technique, conveyance technique, go together with to send a technique, pack to unload porterage technique, automation warehouse Shu, stock control technique, packing technique etc. profession technique is prop up of modernization logistics material technique structure and form.It development trend performance for information-based, automation, the intelligence turn with integration turn.Among them, the Gao Xin technique is in the logistics forward agent of application and development performance is outstanding.

3, electronics logistics and express delivery business development be sturdy
Urged an electronics logistics according to the quick development of the electronic commerce of the Internet net of rise.Business enterprise through an Internet strengthenned the business enterprise inner part, business enterprise with provide the contact of company, business enterprise and consumer, business enterprise and government section communication, mutually moderate, mutually cooperation.The consumer can be direct to obtain concerning the product or the service information on the net, realization net top shopping.This kind of"keep a way" on the net make business enterprise ability quick, accurate, completely understanding need information, realization order according to the customer of produce mode and logistics service.The occurrence of the "non- Dian" epidemic situation, further outstanding electronic commerce of fast with low cost advantage.
In addition, the electronics logistics can be on-line to follow to send out of goods, allied machine realization deliver route of programming, the logistics adjust degree and goods check etc..Can say an electronics logistics to have become 21 century abroad logistics the big trend of the development.
The abroad logistics business enterprise to intensive turn, be in conjunction with to turn a direction development, main performance in 2:While being the construction logistics park area strongly;Two is a logistics business enterprise annex and cooperation.International logistics market the experts think that in the world each profession business enterprise of international consociation and merger, inevitable arouse an international logistics industry acceleration toward the globalization direction development, but logistics industry globalization of development trend, again inevitable push with promote logistics business enterprises in all countries of consociation and merger activity.In addition to merger outside, another intensive turn a way is of logistics business enterprise of cooperation and establishment strategy alliance.
The lately- constitute logistics conglomerate, multinational company will be full exertive the advantage of Internet, accurately control in time world logistics dynamic state information, transfer oneself in the world-wide locations of logistics net point, construct since our company world the integral whole turn of logistics network, will empty carry a rate compress to the lowest limit, save time with expenses, provide for the owner of goods superior quality service, thus formation stronger competition ability.

4, environmental protection and green logistics will become a little bit bright
Although the logistics promoted the development of the economy, logistics of development also will bring city environment in the meantime negative of influence.Is this, put forward to the logistics new for 21 centuries of request, green the logistics emerge with the tide of the times.
Green the logistics be main containment 2:One is to logistics system pollution carry on control, in the logistics system and the logistics activity of the programming and the decision as far as possible adoption to the pollution of the environment small project, such as adoption row dirty quantity small truck car type, the close quarter go together with to send and the nighttime deliver cargo(with decrease traffic jam, economical fuel with lower emissions) etc..The green logistics is on the other hand an establishment industry and life waste processing of logistics system.
Flourishing nation government still at pollution occurrence the source, traffic volume, transportation flow etc. was three establishment related policy, formation initiate green the counterplan system of the logistics.

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