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Foshan Guangzhihua Metal Products Co., Ltd. ( GZH display ) is a professional manufacturer of racks & shelves. The product is beauty and generous, high quality, the price is reasonable.

Guangzhihua International Co., Limited is our trade company which is found in Hongkong for the international trade.

Lord camp: Various display racks, shelves, promotional racks. Such as Auto Supplies display Stand, food display, floor brick display, electric appliances display, tool display, clothing display, wire product and so on.

All of our products can be customized, OEM & ODM are welcome.

“Customer first, intentions service", Foshan Guangzhihua Metal Products Co.,Ltd provide a full range of services for each customer, from the design to the production and shipment, we are whole heartedly to meet your requirements.

Welcome to visit our factory at your convenience.
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